Bringing resonance ~ from the parts to the whole.

The fractals of nature

Living your full-blown divinity cannot happen without the active participation of all aspects of you. There may be powerful aspects of you that want to meet and merge with the divine, and yet, there may be aspects that want to pull you back. Take the time to sit and speak with these aspects and know what they are saying and wanting.

It may seem that there is discordance in what different aspects of you want, but eventually they all want the same thing. The practice of sitting with all parts of you without judgement, in an open, listening and receiving way will enable you to bring the entire system into one resonance. This is what is most required of you at this time. Can you sit with all aspects of yourself with kindness, love and respect. Can you open yourself fully even to the ones that you are fearful of, as they may be saying something very very different from what you want. But that is also you.

It may be holding the key to the entire design.


Conscious Dying

natural door
Vak charita now enters the space of conscious death. The conscious dying principle is rooted in the aspects of birth and death not yet known to you. The birthing process is the manifestation of you in the realm of god. You arrive and play your game and do your deeds with freedom and independence. Depending on how you play the game you will invite the death of that level. So you see, the way you live your life really determines the dimension of death that you enter. It could be a terrifying death or a welcoming death that awaits you.

Death as it is, is same for everyone. When you deepen your alignment with Life and flow with the mystery that life holds in its deepest core, the mystery begins to unfold. The distant door of death becomes visible in your peripheral vision. This awareness can make all the difference in the way you live your life. For those whose vision is hazy, the door of death is made invisible by a smoke screen of their own creation. They will have no idea of their impending death and will be deeply troubled when they face this door. They are frightened and unprepared.

So my suggestion is that on a regular basis spend some time facing this door, acknowledging it, deepening your connection with death as a beautiful ending of your life journey. Then go about doing your work with this deepened awareness. The deeper your connection to death the deeper your connection to life.

The world between mortality and immortality


Pic: Varanasi by Ramnath Siva

The next lesson on eternity is also about death. When we deeply believe in our mortality, death defines the outer boundaries or limits of our existence. The concept of mortality has deep grip on human consciousness. Human beings need to limit the extent they can travel in one lifetime. The human body gets tired with continually being hit with fears and resistances to the flow of their life journey. So instead of being continuously replenished and re-vitalised, the body begins to tire and die down.

Enter now into the place in-between mortality and immortality. Begin to understand that there is such a place. Imagine this in-between world, feel it, sit in it. From here you can view both the aspects. Turn towards the side that holds the energy of mortality and see what is going on. And then turn towards the field of immortality. What do you see here?

To experience true joy and freedom, and the smoothest of existence, allow the energy of immortality to feed into you. Open your being to this wondrous open and endless space of immortality. This is a space that invites you to live beyond boundaries and limits created by fears. Sit in this liminal space as long as you want ~ and understand the different energies of the two places and you will understand a lot of things.

Teaching of Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

To Know Eternity You Must Know Death


Art: Leonid Afremov

‘Vak Charita is arriving at a place of transcendence. I have already told you that transcendence means arriving more deeply where you are. We transcend time to enter into the eternal. Eternity as a concept is difficult to understand. You are only beginning to connect with it. First experience of eternity that you will have is of knowing and meeting death with a fresh outlook. Learning to meet death as solace, as a place to curl up and rest. Walking towards death as an old friend waiting with gifts. Perhaps an old lover, an old companion. Becoming aware that every step and breath you take, you are moving closer to your friend death. Do whatever you do, but do not turn your back on your friend. Do not pretend that this friend does not exist. Do not forget or deny this friend.

Most of all do not fear or hate death. Make it the anchor of your life, that one steady factor that never betrays, never abandons you. The one that comes with you in every life and leads you back. See this friend as your guide who always gives you direction, meaning & purpose.

Once you start relating to death as friend, guide and saviour ~ the anxiety about time will begin to diminish. You will not be fighting time ~ trying desperately to expand it, feeling it is not enough, as you would not be wasting or losing it. Do not be fearful of coming closer and being intimate with your friend death. There will be such deep a wisdom and knowledge of the flow of your life when you do. Nothing like death to give you perspective.’

Teaching of Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar


Walking your way back home













‘The Vak Charita arrives at this time for you to know that walking the path to god is your final journey in this incarnation. As you start walking towards god you begin to gather aspects of you that you discarded on your journey away. What you pick back is vital.

The first thing you pick up is your soul memory. When you gather that back in you, it becomes your guide and gives you the cue to the next step. Remembrance fills you and fuels your longing. The next thing that pours back into your heart is your burning longing for home. Your heart’s longing will reveal to you what it is that you have been missing. As your journey intensifies, it will uncover for you how your forgetting created your separation from home, causing you to stray away. You will know the way back home. A golden shining path will appear before you, and when you take your first step on your path, you will feel a deep sense of the rightness and appropriateness of walking on it. As you take your second step, a sense of peace and tranquillity will begin to descend. As you continue, you become free of distractions and confusions that had haunted you for so long.

The deep peace will begin to transform into a strange new excitement. You will savour a sweet and intense energy. It will work within you to hasten and accelerate your progress. You will start moving very quickly towards the centre of the great design of your life. By now, you already understand the magic posts that await you on your path and you know that more and more gifts await you as you walk.’

Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

The two ends of soul

It was prophesied that at this time one will journey from soul to spirit. The journey back to soul is the journey back home. Your soul space is your most pure identity. It is the aspect of you that knows who she is. Coming here is realising who you are without covers and veils. She knows why you took a separate identity, to experience all that you had to, to learn the lessons you came to learn. The soul identifies with nothing but god, one end of it is connects to god, and the other end spirals out into a journey of forgetting that truth. The whole play of forgetting is just that – a play. When one tires of it, one remembers the thread that connects back to the soul. The aspect that went out to play then decides to come back and rest in one’s soul. One is deeply comforted by coming back to soul and remembrance. Having reclaimed one’s home back in the soul completely, the soul then begins its journey back to source. Even that journey back is a process of reclaiming deeper and deeper aspects of oneself.

At every point the journey is awe-inspiring. If one continues to understand & deepen ones realisation who one is. It is an exciting journey. So many have taken this journey before. There is already a well-laid pathway. Use the guiding lights, the energetic outposts on the way to stop and take shelter. Rest awhile, and continue on the journey that beckons you and your soul. Feel your soul responding to this calling to be back.

The New Birthing


Art by Pawel Jonka

‘Vak Charita arrives in these turbulent times to inform you of the arrival of the re-newed knowledge. In this new light you are the seed of germination. You are being composted & germinated now and this is the time of absolute stillness. A seed cannot germinate in disturbance. It lies buried in the earth womb. It is in the dark, it is still, surrendered to the process inside it. Outwardly the seed is just lying lifeless under the earth but inside, so much is changing and shifting. There is a quiet revolution happening, while the fecund earth spirit is protecting the seed in this holy process.

The seed is in deep meditation, deep surrender, deep allowing to forces that are greater than it. The knowledge of germination, the earth spirit, is entering the seed, unlocking its own codes, and doing its work. Let it happen. The germination stage is most vital and the beginning of a great new life.

You too are being germinated by spirit that is entering you now. If you too like the seed is in stillness, in surrender, in allowing, spirit will do its work with you. Allow the old to become the compost for the new. The earth will protect you; you will be ready to emerge in a new way, a new life, a new light.’

Sapta Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

True action is birthed from restfulness

eagle and bat

‘Vak Charita is a treatise that doubles your speed of transition into the new world. When one attains ‘nirvana’ or ‘Buddhahood’ the way you understand it, it leads one to a place of placidity. Look at placid waters. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. A being who is like placid water is at complete rest. Every crystal cell in placid water is peaceful. This placidity creates a harmony in the entire body of water that transcends time and action. Likewise, when one steps into a blissful state, every cell of the body experiences bliss . The harmony is a whole body experience at all levels. When that happens the being is ready to transition into a new place.

In this new level, one practices recognising of a force that begins to arise from the absolute stillness of tranquillity.  This will take the being again into the cycle of action. Yet, this action will be so restful, so peaceful, so fitting into the scheme of things, so perfectly ‘that which needs to be done’, that it will be almost imperceptible.

And that is how action will be in the new world. Always effortless, and many times even invisible. Not noisy and attention seeking. Sometimes it will be like a graceful sweep of an eagle, sometimes like a yogi meditating beside a river and sometimes like a frog sunning itself on a rock, occasionally jumping into the water. When action is birthed in restfulness, you will feel the universe carrying you. This will happen spontaneously when you begin to return into your original nature. The nature you inhabit now is an artificial one. Back to restfulness is the way forward. To get there you may need to ignore many disturbances that arise inside of you urging action. Most of the time, they arise from an anxious state. Always ask your self ‘is this action absolutely vital for my existence right now? ‘


Sapta Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

Transcendence & Purity
















“The time now is one of transcendence. We usually think of the word transcendence as moving from one place to another, going higher, moving beyond. What if I told you that transcendence means existing even more in the place  you already are, in great peace, great acceptance, great relaxation. It’s not about going someplace, its more about dropping anything that takes you away from that exact spot where you are, that’s telling you ‘move from here, you have to go somewhere else.’

What if transcendence is actually a shedding of everything to find that rich luscious inner core. If you understand transcendence as a continuous upward movement you may get tired, dismayed and disappointed at times. I invite you today to sit more fully in the space that you are, to claim more fully who you are in this moment. If you find turbulence, so it is. If you find judgement, then so it is. If you find peace, then so it is. If you find love, then so it is.

Ultimately it does not matter what you are experience, what matters is the purity with which you accept it. You bring purity by owning every moment, just as it is. Can you sit in this transcendent reality today.”

Sapta Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

What is Oneness?


‘The age of Oneness that is upon us  demands of us the union of the opposites.

The opposites that you know are nothing but the splitting apart of the  Divine Unity into its myriad aspects. Each of these aspects relates to the other in a deep intrinsic way. For you to see the design, look at it with love and acceptance and you will see how each end of the polarity is in deep play with the other. How the night seamlessly turns into day, and how the day seamlessly turns into night, offering its beauty to enhance the other. When you look at the full spectrum of life, from beginning to end, feel your resistances to so many things. Be aware of the acceptance/rejection play happening continuously within you. This is the result of indoctrination, it is not your original learning,  and you can let it go.

The original self is the non-dual self. Non-dual is not the absence of polarities; it means the ability to hold opposites, disparities, contradictions & paradoxes in your container, beautifully and with wisdom. Please go now into your heart, and ask for it to strengthen itself as a container that can hold everything. Perhaps some of the disowned parts are stuck as fragments in this container, causing it to bleed and hurt. Remove those fragments, hold them with love to repair and strengthen your container . Having done this work, you will shine in the world as a beautiful pot of gold holding within you the essence of life, with all its mysteries. Your movement towards oneness would have truly begun.’

Sapta Rishi Jamadagni channelled by Sukhvinder Sircar

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